Do Dental Implants in Northern Virginia Hurt?

You’ve been missing teeth for a while now, and you’ve had to deal with the inability to chew food, speak clearly and smile with confidence. The best way to replace your missing digits is with dental implants in Northern Virginia, but first you want to know, “Will the process be painful?” Continue reading to find out and learn more about this dental procedure.

How the Process Works

The dental implant process involves your dentist inserting a sturdy, titanium post underneath your gum line. By attaching to your jawbone, the post is able to fuse with your existing bone over time through a process called osseointegration, which leaves you with a sound foundation that supports your entire facial structure.

But What About the Pain?

One of the biggest concerns that patients have about having dental procedures done is the amount of pain they will have to endure. Thankfully, by taking the proper steps, you can avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Pain from Untreated Tooth Loss

One fact not to be overlooked is that if you’ve gone without your teeth for a prolonged period of time, then you’re probably already experiencing discomfort. That’s because the gaps in your teeth leave room for harmful bacteria to fill and cause decay and painful sensations.

Before the dental implant process starts, your dentist will treat any bacteria growth so you can have a successful procedure.

Is There Pain During Treatment?

You don’t have to worry about enduring a painful dental implant procedure. Your dentist will administer anesthesia that will leave you completely numb.

Post Treatment Pain Management

After the procedure is done, it is common to experience mild discomfort. Here are some ways to make for a more comfortable and faster healing process:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Your dentist may also recommend mild pain killers like Advil, Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  • Avoid hard foods and acidic drinks for at least 10 days after treatment.
  • Apply an ice pack to reduce any uncomfortable swelling.
  • Brush and floss with special care to avoid damaging the implant site.

Should You be Worried?

Dental implant procedures have a 98% success rate, and with the ever-evolving technology and techniques of dentistry, you are able to enjoy a relatively comfortable process. So you absolutely should not worry about the pain.

The trained professional you work with will thoroughly examine your mouth at your first appointment to make sure every step is taken to allow for the most successful, safe and painless experience possible. So to get on the road to a full restoration, reach out to your implant dentist in Northern Virginia to schedule a visit today.