Getting Creative With Touch-Free Greetings

The threat of COVID-19 is real, but that doesn’t mean you have to dilute your affection when you get to see your friends, family, or dentist again! If you’re a hugger like so many other people, it can be tempting to not jump in for a good old bear squeeze. Unfortunately, that direct close contact can increase your risk of becoming sick. Plus, with social distancing practices still in place, it’s important to remain at least six feet away from people whenever possible. Read on for some creative greeting ideas to keep yourself safe but still express your excitement when you get to see somebody after weeks of being in quarantine.

Why is it Important to Social Distance?

The CDC recommends continuing to social distance due to the fact the COVID-19 can easily be spread via droplet transfer. When you sneeze, cough, or even talk loudly, your saliva can travel past six feet, landing on people in the vicinity, countertops, and door handles. When somebody else touches these contaminated surfaces and then comes into contact with their eyes, nose, or mouth, it could spread the COVID-19 virus to their mucous membrane and make them ill. That’s why it’s important to avoid coming into close contact with people around you, including your friendly dental staff! That’s also why they’re implementing strict social distancing regulations in their office to prevent the spread of any germs or viruses.

How Can You Get Creative With Greetings?

If you’re an outwardly expressive person and you know you’ll get excited the next time you get to see someone in-person, it’s a good idea to have some creative, non-contact greeting in your back pocket to express yourself. Here are some great alternatives to a hug:

  • An enthusiastic wave
  • Flailing jazz hands
  • A gum-showing smile

Regardless of how you greet your dentist or the next real-life person you see since quarantine, making it a low-contact interaction is important in order to be mindful of their health as well as your own.

What Other Precautionary Measures Should You Be Taking?

Along with diligently practicing low-contact greetings and social distancing, it’s important to frequently and regularly wash and sanitize your hands. The CDC also recommends wearing a mask whenever you visit a public space, such as your dentist’s office. This will prevent the spread of droplets and reduce your risk of getting COVID-19.

Your dentist is working to prioritize patient safety, which is why they’re implementing over a dozen new safety protocols. To learn more about their preventive measures and how your dental staff is keeping patients safe during their visit, be sure to contact their office.