Got a Gummy Smile? Get a Gum Lift from Your Cosmetic Dentist

When you look at your smile in the mirror or in pictures, do you notice that your gums seem more prominent than you’d like? Having a gummy smile can be frustrating, but the good news is that you can do something about it! Advances in technology and choosing the right cosmetic dentist in Reston mean that you are able to get treatment that can transform your smile within minutes. Keep reading to learn more about how a gum lift can give you a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Why is my smile gummy in first place?

There are many potential reasons why your smile is gummy. For example, those who have a short upper lip tend to have a gummier smile. Also, if you grind your teeth a lot, your bottom teeth can be significantly shortened, causing what’s called super-eruption of your upper teeth. These teeth, and the gum tissue, continue to move down until they come into contact with your bottom teeth. As a result, the elongated gums can appear more prominent.

What is a gum lift?

Basically a gum lift is a procedure that addresses and corrects a gummy smile. It recontours your gum line using a soft tissue laser and allows more of your beautiful, healthy teeth to show.

What are the benefits of a gum lift?

Compared to the alternative of living with a gummy smile, getting a gum lift has many advantages, including the following:

  • You can enjoy more confidence in a better proportioned, healthy-looking smile.
  • The entire process is pain free and doesn’t require any anesthesia.
  • Your gums don’t bleed during or after the procedure.
  • It takes less than five minutes to perform the gum recontouring procedure.
  • A gum lift can be easily combined with teeth whitening or porcelain veneers for a comprehensive smile makeover.

What is the process of getting a gum lift?

Getting a gum lift is as simple as it gets in the dentistry field. Your dentist will use a soft tissue laser to cut and reshape your gums, removing excess gum tissue. This allows your smile to appear more balanced between your gums and teeth. That’s it! That’s all it takes for a more appealing smile.

If you’re dissatisfied with how your gums look, you don’t have to simply grin and bear it. A gum lift can enable you to let you smile show with confidence. By finding the best cosmetic dentist in Reston, you can take advantage of modern technology to get the look you’ve always wanted. For more information about soft tissue lasers or gum lifts or to get started with your gum lift, contact your dentist.