Professional teeth whitening options explained

Have you ever considered the benefits of professional teeth whitening in Reston, VA? Maybe you’ve found that expensive, over-the-counter strips and trays are not providing the results you want. Or perhaps you’re looking for a solution that will  provide faster improvement and longer-lasting results. Whatever the reason, the team at Smiles by Myles can help! Dr. Wayne Myles of Reston, Virginia is pleased to provide two options for patients to consider, including the Zoom! in-office bleaching and take-home whitening trays.

What methods of whitening are available?

You’ve probably tried all the options at your local drugstore that are available for brightening the smile. This might include whitening toothpastes, strips, pens, and trays. However, our practice offers two tried-and-true options for patients to consider for faster, longer-lasting changes. Below are the two types of whitening available:

  • Zoom! in-office bleaching – with the Zoom! in-office whitening treatment, patients can bleach the natural enamel of their teeth and do so in the comfort of our practice. The results are obtained the same day, often brightening the smile up to eight shades whiter in approximately one hour! Patients enjoy a thorough cleaning before the light-activated bleaching gel is administered to the surfaces of the teeth. Patients relax while the gel pulls deep stains from within the enamel for dramatic improvement.
  • Take-home whitening trays – with our take-home whitening trays, patients will receive custom trays made using impressions of the smile for proper fit and function. The trays are used with professional-grade bleaching gel that is administered by our team and can be obtained as needed to maintain a whiter smile. Some patients will combine the Zoom! in-office bleaching and take-home tray to keep their smiles beautiful for longer!

Fall in love with teeth whitening services at Smiles by Myles

If you reside in the area of Reston, Virginia and are interested in discussing the benefits of professional-grade whitening alternatives, call Wayne Myles at (571) 536-7885 to request a consultation visit at our dentist office. Our practice is located at 11730 Plaza America Drive in Suite #110 and accepts new and established patients and families seeking quality care with a dedicated team of professionals.