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Is Dental Sedation Expensive?

April 11, 2018

Relaxed man receiving dental careWhether you have dental phobia, need advanced dentistry services, or struggle with sensitive teeth, gums, and/or gag reflex, you may want to explore your dental sedation options. Many patients worry about the added cost of using sedation dentistry, but most dental practices provide affordable options to ensure you are completely comfortable, during even the most advanced dentistry treatments. Many dentistry offices offer several dental sedation options at various of price points to keep patients comfortable without blowing their budgets.

How Your Sedation Dentist in Northern Virginia Makes Treatment Easy

March 4, 2018

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A dentist reassuring a patient.Does the thought of walking through your dentist’s office make you feel anxious? Do you have trouble sitting still or keeping your composure in the dental chair? If your anxiety is keeping you from getting your cleanings and examinations done, it can put your oral and overall health at risk. Luckily, your sedation dentist in Northern Virginia is all too familiar with patient anxiety. That’s why they pursued additional training to help you stay relaxed. No longer will you put your oral health at risk.

Keep reading to learn more about oral conscious sedation and what the process entails.


First Visit to Your Dentist in Reston? Here’s What to Expect

February 6, 2018

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A woman at her dental appointment.When it comes to dental visits, your dentist always wants to make a good first impression. The moment you walk through the front doors into the waiting room, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome. Whether you’re an individual or an entire family, your dentist in Reston can provide you the dental care you need.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing how to prepare for your first dental visit as well what you can expect from your dentist and their team. The better prepared you are, the more you can benefit from this initial appointment.


How Your Sedation Dentist in Northern Virginia Reduces Your Anxiety

January 10, 2018

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A smiling man.It’s the last place you want to be in. You know you need to get your teeth examined, but the idea of sitting in that dental chair makes you physically ill. Every time you try to visit you end up leaving before the dental assistant can call you in. Luckily, your sedation dentist in Northern Virginia understands your frustration.

That’s why they are offering their services to make your dental visit as relaxing as possible. If you don’t gain anything else from today’s article, just know that you are not alone when it comes to dental anxiety.


Smile Makeover—New Year, New You!

October 8, 2017

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woman at new yearsThis time of the year really starts to get busy for just about everyone. Halloween is just around the corner, Thanksgiving is less than a month later, and Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier every year. This is also when people start to think about what they want to do differently next year, i.e. New Year’s resolutions. For many, this will send them to the gym in order to improve their appearance and self-confidence. However, did you know there is a much simpler way to do this that won’t have you pumping iron or spending hours on the treadmill? With a cosmetic dentist, you can enhance the part of you that most people probably notice first whenever they meet you using a smile makeover. A beautiful smile can do wonders for a person, and now, it’s easier than ever to get one. (more…)

Get the Perfect Fashion Accessory with Dentures in Reston

September 5, 2017

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Older woman smilingFashion trends are constantly changing with new innovations to add a bit of flare to your appearance. Now, one of the most popular accessories involves dental jewelry. While it is now in-style to wear plastic teeth featured on bracelets or hair clips, what about your best fashion asset—your smile? If you suffer from tooth loss, dental implants or dentures in Reston will add the final touch to your outfit to hold your head up high with confidence.

Protect a Youthful Smile with Your Dentist in Reston

August 16, 2017

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Man happy at dentistAs you age, you expect wrinkles and gray hairs to begin to show the passing of time. While you are prepared for changes to your appearance, you may not expect one area to cause you to appear older. Your smile can make you look years older than your true age. Tooth discoloration and oral health issues can cause your teeth to darken, which can make you feel insecure while looking older. However, you can turn back the hands of time with your dentist in Reston and with simple changes to your daily life.

How Do I Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

July 13, 2017

Relaxed woman with flawless smileFinding a cosmetic dentist is a little different than finding a general dentist. You’ll need to consider a special set of skills that make specific dentists better suited to creating cosmetic dentistry plans. Before you choose a dentist to transform your smile, read this blog to find out what makes a dentist qualified to provide flawless cosmetic dental care.

Your Dentist in Reston Discusses the Best Replacement Option for Missing Teeth

June 14, 2017

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Learn more about replacing your tooth from your dentist in Reston.When you live with a missing tooth it affects every aspect of your daily life. Your health and nutrition are compromised because you can’t properly chew your food. It also takes a toll on your confidence when you feel self-conscious about talking and smiling in front of other people. Your dentist in Reston wants you to know there are great solutions for replacing your missing tooth and today we’re going to discuss why dental implants are the best.


For Dental Implants, Reston Turns to Smiles by Myles

May 6, 2017

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If you’re searching for dental implants, Reston dentist Dr. Myles can complete your smile. Dental implants are unquestionably an outstanding choice when you’re searching for a solution to tooth loss. However, you may want some additional information before you decide that these are the best tooth replacement for you. Dr. Myles is here to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions. Read on to learn about dental implants Reston residents trust for aesthetic appeal, function and comfort.


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