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Wayne Myles DDS Blog

Bleeding Gums and COVID-19: When to Seek Professional Care

March 21, 2020

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 4:13 pm
a person’s mouth held open to expose their bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are never something to take lightly. In fact, it is one of the most identifiable signs of periodontal disease (gum disease). If left untreated, you could be faced with various oral and health-related conditions and problems. So, what should you do if you notice the signs? As the world battles a current pandemic, COVID-19, let a dentist explain when you should treat your problem at home and when to seek the help of a licensed professional.


At-Home or Emergency Care: How COVID-19 is Impacting Your Oral Health

March 12, 2020

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 2:20 pm
a young woman at home holding her cheek in pain as a result of a dental emergency

It is certainly a strange time in our world right now, as billions of people are being told to stay home in an attempt to combat the infectious respiratory disease now known as COVID-19. Also referred to as Coronavirus, it is having a major impact on businesses both large and small as well as hospitals and even your local dentist’s offices. So, what should you do if you are facing a dental crisis and need an emergency dentist? Learn just how impactful COVID-19 is to your oral health and what the ADA recommends you should do depending on the severity of your individual problem.


4 Important Factors When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

February 24, 2020

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 3:19 pm
Female dentist treating female patient with a toothache

You should already have a good idea who your emergency dentist is; when you or a loved one breaks a tooth or is suffering from a painful infection, you need to know who to call right away to have the problem properly addressed. But how will you know when you’ve found the right practice to turn to in the worst-case scenario? Keep these 4 factors in mind whenever you’re searching for a new emergency dentist.


Red, Bleeding Gums? Learn About Gum Disease and Its Symptoms

January 16, 2020

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 5:52 pm
a woman with red gums

Unless you work in a dentist’s office, you may be unfamiliar with the term “periodontal disease.” Considered a clinical term for what is otherwise known as “gum disease,” this harmful dental problem can wreak havoc on not only your oral health but your overall well-being, too. What you think is only affecting your mouth can actually lead to serious health problems, such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As someone who relies on the expertise of dental professionals to know the appropriate terms and provide quality care, take a few minutes to learn more about this common oral disease and what you can do to prevent it.


What Can You Do If You Have Sensitive Teeth?

January 5, 2020

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 5:14 pm
a man experiencing sensitive teeth while eating a popsicle

The moment you take a bite of that delicious chocolate ice cream you feel it…that nagging, piercing pain shooting through your tooth. Grabbing your lip, you cringe. While contemplating trying to eat the ice cream on the other side of your mouth, the thought quickly dissipates as you continue to experience the effects of your most recent bite. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem for many adults in the United States, but why? What causes your pearly whites to feel fine one minute and then have you pushing away anything hot or cold the next? To find out, hear from a dentist who explains its causes and what can be done to address it.


What Causes Morning Breath?

December 20, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 5:06 pm
woman with bad breath

You wake up in the morning and feel like greeting your bed partner with a kiss. As soon as they catch a whiff of your breath, however, they turn away. Does this sound familiar? If so, you have experienced the unfortunate circumstance known as morning breath. Why do we get morning breath? Read on as a dentist explains the causes of this phenomenon and how to prevent it.


How to Protect Your Oral Health by Celebrating National Handwashing Awareness Week

December 2, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 4:13 pm
person washing their hands

As children, we’re often taught to wash our hands before dinner. Germs, unfortunately, don’t care what time of day it is and can wreak havoc at all hours. Clean hands prevent you from getting bacteria in your mouth that can cause sickness. So, it’s important to learn how to keep your hands clean. This is the perfect time of year to learn about that, since the first week of December is National Handwashing Awareness Week. A dentist is here to tell you how to celebrate, and the benefits of washing your hands frequently.


Chronic Jaw Pain? Learn Why It’s Important to Seek Treatment for TMJ

November 17, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 4:11 pm
a woman holding her cheek in pain

The popping, locking, soreness, and downright painful symptoms you’re experiencing can all be attributed to TMJ disorder. If you’re tired of missing out on all the foods you love, forgoing time with family and friends, and getting inadequate sleep because of your chronic jaw pain, discover why it’s time to do something about it. Since November is National TMJ Awareness Month, learn why it’s best to seek treatment from a neuromuscular dentist in Reston.


Knocked-Out Tooth? Find Out How It Can Be Saved if Treated in a Timely Manner

November 5, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 3:39 pm
a man holding his cheek at the dentist’s office

You’re playing a friendly game of football with your friends when you’re suddenly tackled from behind. You hit the ground hard but when you start to stand up, you notice a tooth. Feeling around in your mouth, you realize it’s yours and scramble to pick it up. What do you do? If this scenario sounds like it’s something that could happen to you, learn how immediate action can lead to your emergency dentist saving your tooth.


A Dentist’s Perspective: Protecting Your Teeth From Oral Piercings

October 22, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 6:42 pm
person with a tongue piercing

People get body piercings as a form of self-expression or even as a way to prevent migraines. If you have ones in your mouth, you may experience side-effects or complications that can have a negative impact on your oral and overall health. Not to mention, the friction from piercings against your teeth could result in an unexpected visit to your emergency dentist. Read on to learn about possible effects of oral piercings and how you can keep your mouth healthy if you already have one.

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