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Celebrate Oral Health Month with Your Dentist in Reston

June 14, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 8:52 pm

Smiling familyOral health can have a large influence on overall health; gum disease, for example, has been linked with many health conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Because of this, it’s important for your children to learn the importance of preventive dentistry at an early age – as is making sure that you’re practicing good oral hygiene yourself! June is Oral Health Awareness Month, and the perfect way to celebrate is to educate yourself and your family on visiting your dentist in Reston and other forms of preventive dental care.


5 Benefits Of Smile Makeovers In Reston

June 13, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 4:30 pm

person smiling Are you self-conscious of your misaligned, discolored, or chipped teeth? With all of your upcoming plans this summer, you want to enjoy the company you’re surrounded by instead of worrying about what they think of your grin. While you know smile makeovers in Reston will help boost your confidence and improve your smile, you’re curious about what other benefits they have to offer. Read on to learn about 5 benefits cosmetic services could offer you besides a grin you’re not afraid to show off. (more…)

The Advantages of Receiving In-Office Teeth Whitening in Reston!

May 18, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 11:27 pm

woman brunette smiling perfect teethData shows that when you first meet a person, the condition of your smile will typically be one of the initial traits noticed. That means if you have stained or discolored teeth, you can be left feeling less confident. There’s a remedy, though: teeth whitening in Reston. Read on to learn why it’s better to have the procedure done in-office.


Will Your Sedation Dentist in Reston Put You to Sleep?

May 10, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 1:25 pm

woman relaxed at dental visit

If the thought of visiting your dentist for care causes anxiety or phobia, then you’re not alone, as over 30 million people suffer from the same problem. Still, you understand the importance of receiving the vital care you need. Sedation dentistry provides the avenue for that to happen, but before committing to it, you’d like to know if your sedation dentist in Reston will put you to sleep. Read on to find out so you don’t miss out on any critical dental care!


Want a Smile Makeover in Reston? Find Out How with Treatment Options

April 15, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 3:56 pm

diagram of a toothThere are plenty of reasons you may not be satisfied with your smile. Stains, crooked teeth, your bite, and even the shape of your teeth can have you looking for treatment options. Nowadays, dentists can use advanced technology as well as tried and true dental solutions to give you a more healthy, beautiful smile. If you’re looking for a smile makeover in Reston, here are a few options to consider.


Learn How Oral Cancer in Reston Can Be Easily Treated if Detected Early

April 6, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 3:10 pm

an oral cancer red ribbonYou probably know someone who has or is currently battling cancer of some sort. Because it comes in so many different forms, it’s no surprise that we have researchers working daily, around the world, trying to find a cure. But did you know that with early detection, oral cancer in Reston is easily treated? If you haven’t been to your dentist lately for a checkup, you can guarantee you’ll receive an oral cancer screening, and for good reason. Find out why early detection is key.


What Causes a Gummy Smile and How to Fix It with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Reston

March 31, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 6:45 pm

woman smiling profile

Do you feel like your gums stand out when you smile? Studies have shown that people judge smiles as more attractive when they have two millimeters or less of gum tissue exposure. It’s estimated that 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men think they have a “gummy smile.” But what causes a gummy smile? What can you do about it? How can your cosmetic dentist in Reston help? Get the answers to all your questions about this topic here! (more…)

Got a Gummy Smile? Get a Gum Lift with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Reston

March 21, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 4:49 pm

teeth gums

When you look at your smile in the mirror or in pictures, do you notice that your gums seem more prominent than you’d like? Having a gummy smile can be frustrating, but the good news is that you can do something about it! Advances in technology and choosing the right cosmetic dentist in Reston mean that you are able to get treatment that can transform your smile within minutes. Keep reading to learn more about how a gum lift can give you a more aesthetically pleasing look. (more…)

Can Impacted Food Cause Dental Implants in Reston to Fail?

February 19, 2019

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 9:22 pm

Illustration of dental implantProperly emplaced dental implants in Reston can last as long as a lifetime with reasonable care. Like all forms of medical or dental therapy however, they can sometimes fail. On the rare occasions that this occurs, impacted food may be a contributing factor. The best way to avoid this problem is by regular brushing, flossing, and appointments with your implant dentist in Reston.


Can Teeth Grinding Cause Dental Implants in Reston to Fail?

Filed under: Reston Cosmetic Dentistry — dr_myles @ 5:34 pm

implant next to natural toothOne of the greatest advantages of dental implants in Reston is in the way they emulate natural teeth in appearance and function. In some ways however, this can make implants susceptible to the same risks as an organic tooth, including the possibility of damage through bruxism (teeth grinding).


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