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Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces CertificationReston cosmetic dentist Wayne Myles has always been committed to providing patients with high-quality dental care, with an emphasis on comfort and a sense of patient empowerment. As part of his belief in continuing education, Dr. Myles has sought training courses in numerous advanced therapies so that his patients can have the best dental health possible.

In October 2012, Dr. Myles furthered his commitment to state-of-the-art patient care by receiving both training and certification in Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is an advanced orthodontic treatment process that he is pleased to offer to patients, merging the aesthetic concerns of cosmetic dentistry with the fundamental concerns of general dental care.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic braces system that is an ideal option for adult patients who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth. The patient often presents with crooked teeth that had braces as a child and wants a different option. Six Month Smiles uses a system of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to help improve overall alignment. The entire treatment process lasts four to nine months, though patients generally achieve great smile makeover results in just six months.

How Six Month Smiles Compares to Traditional Adult Braces

Traditional braces are very noticeable given their use of metal brackets and wires. This usually leaves patients feeling self-conscious about their appearance. The Six Month Smiles system is much less noticeable by virtue of the clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. This helps Dr. Myles' patients feel less self-conscious while undergoing their treatment, and this benefit to patients is just one of the reasons he sought out training in this orthodontic system.

Another important consideration is that Six Month Smiles generally requires less time than adult braces, which may need to be worn for up to two years. As noted above, Six Month Smiles yields the same results in only a fraction of that time, allowing Dr. Myles' patients to undergo the most efficient yet effective treatment possible.

What Dr. Myles' Patients Can Expect from Six Month Smiles Treatment

Once Dr. Myles has determined that a patient is a good candidate for Six Month Smiles, an impression is taken, a panoramic x-ray and examination of the teeth. This dental mold is then sent to the Six Month Smiles dental labs. It's there that their technicians, along with Dr. Myles, will custom design the patient's personalized treatment kit.

Patients will return to the practice in two weeks to receive their first Six Month Smiles appointment, which Dr. Myles will place the braces on. Follow-up visits will occur once a month and/or as needed to make any necessary adjustments.

What Six Month Smiles Means for Dr. Myles' Patients

Six Month Smiles means that Dr. Myles and his team have yet another effective tool that can change patients’ lives for the better. Patients have yet another option for getting the smile that they have always wanted, and one that will prove less intrusive in their lives than extensive or traditional orthodontics.

But with the above in mind, patients can also rest assured that Dr. Myles will continue to seek new avenues for enhancing patient care as new treatments, systems, and technologies become available.

If you are interested in getting straight teeth and would like to find out if Six Month Smiles is the right option for you, be sure to contact our dental care practice in Reston today. We can also be reached by phone at (703) 925-0800.

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