Gum Reshaping Reston, VA

The shape and color of your teeth are huge contributors to your smile’s overall look, but so are your gums. The gum tissue should act as a subtle framework for your teeth; only a small amount of it should be visible when you smile. Unfortunately, though, some people have a “gummy” smile, wherein excess gum tissue can make their appearance disproportionate.

If that scenario sounds all too familiar to you, visit your cosmetic dentist to talk about a gum-lifting procedure. During this simple and fast treatment, Dr. Wayne Myles can reshape your gum tissue in his Reston, VA, dental office to help your smile reach its true potential.

Treat Gummy Smile in Reston, Virginia

Gum Lift FAQs

How long does it take for a gum lift to heal?

On average, a gum lift takes about one week to ten days to heal. The procedure itself is not painful, but after anesthesia has worn off, patients may feel some pain. This should go away within a week.

Do gums grow back after gum contouring?

Gums should not grow back after contouring. Once the gum tissue has been removed, it will not grow back. Results from gum contouring are permanent.

Is gum reshaping painful?

The procedure for gum reshaping is entirely pain-free, but this is because of the sedation and anesthetic used. Once this wears off, patients may feel soreness or tenderness in their gums, but it should go away after a few days.

Does gum contouring last forever?

Gum contouring is a permanent procedure. Results will be permanent and cannot be undone. The gum tissue will not grow back, so it is important to know what you want before gum contouring.

The Gum Lifting and Reshaping Procedure

First, Dr. Myles will examine your mouth to ensure you are a good candidate for gum lifting. The best gum lift candidates have healthy teeth and gums without gum disease. Dr. Myles can address infection or disease prior to the gum-lifting procedure. He will also talk to you about what you can expect from the procedure so you can commit to your new smile with confidence. Then, you can prepare to be the proud owner of a more proportionate look.

Some practices use an old-fashioned scalpel to reshape the gums, which can lead to bleeding and a long recovery time. Dr. Myles, however, has invested in a soft tissue laser. It is an extremely precise tool that cauterizes the tissue as it moves, thereby minimizing bleeding. You might feel some heat from the laser during the procedure, but you shouldn’t experience any pain. In fact, the treatment is so comfortable that you probably won’t even need any anesthesia. The risk of complications is quite minimal.

Following your gum lift, your gums might be a little sore, but you should feel well enough to jump back into your normal routine. Snacking on cool, soft foods can help to mitigate any discomfort. Our team will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your mouth following your treatment so your smile can get back to feeling its best as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Gum Lifting and Reshaping

Of course, the most outstanding benefit of gum lifting and reshaping in Reston is that it can improve your smile’s appearance, thereby boosting your confidence and helping you to feel great about what you see in the mirror. Other benefits include:

  • Total smile transformation. Often, gum lifting and reshaping are part of a total smile makeover plan. Used along with porcelain veneers or other cosmetic procedures, a gum lifting procedure can help your mouth undergo a dramatic transformation.
  • Precision and versatility. Whether you have just one tooth with uneven gum coverage or several of your teeth are partially hidden by extra gum tissue, the gum lift procedure may be ideal for you.
  • Potential health benefits. Removing excess gum tissue can eliminate pockets in the gums where harmful bacteria might accumulate and lead to gum disease.

Are you ready to discover what a gum-lifting and reshaping treatment could do for you? Schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Myles on our website.