Teeth Whitening Reston, VA

For effective and convenient teeth whitening, schedule your Zoom! teeth whitening appointment at Smiles by Myles in Reston, VA. In about an hour, your smile can be up to eight shades brighter. Our chair-side bleaching process involves applying professional-grade teeth whitening gel to the tooth enamel, then repeatedly exposing it to safe light. The light-activated gel will act fast to erase tooth stains caused by foods, beverages, tobacco, medications, and age. You’ll walk in with a drab smile and walk out with a dazzling work of art! Teeth whitening treatment is one of our most popular cosmetic dental services.

To supplement Zoom! teeth whitening or use independently, our Reston dental professionals will create a set of custom-molded take-home trays and give you professional teeth whitening gel to use at home. If you exclusively use the take-home whitening system, expect results similar to the in-office system after about two weeks of daily use.

Teeth Whitening in Reston, Virginia

In-Office Teeth Whitening

At Smile by Myles, we use Zoom! Teeth Whitening to give patients whiter, brighter smiles. Our in-office treatment takes about an hour to achieve long-lasting results. Should you opt to allow our team to perform this method of treatment, we will apply the high-grade professional whitening gel to your teeth. Your dentist will use a special light to permeate through your tooth enamel and rid your teeth of unsightly stains and discoloration. He will even get those buried stains that are deep within the cracks and small crevices of the teeth. What you will see when finished with in-house whitening is a smile that is radiant and bright.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

To supplement Zoom! teeth whitening or use independently, our Reston dental professionals will create a set of custom-molded take-home trays and give you professional teeth whitening gel to use at home. Patients will receive custom trays made using impressions of the smile for proper fit and function. The trays are used with professional-grade bleaching gel that is administered by our team to maintain a whiter smile. Some patients will combine the Zoom! in-office bleaching and take-home tray to keep their smiles beautiful for longer!

The powerful bleaching gel provided as well as your detailed instructions, will ensure you are using the system properly and avoid any leaking or irritation to your soft oral tissues (i.e., lips, gums). If you exclusively use the take-home teeth whitening system, you can expect results similar to the in-office system after about two weeks of daily use.

Types of Tooth Stains

There are two different types of stains that can develop on teeth: intrinsic and extrinsic.

  • Intrinsic stains are much more severe. Serious trauma, overuse of antibiotics/medications, aging or thinning of the enamel, or too much fluoride ingested as a child can cause them. Although viewed as harder to remove, professional whitening can effectively blast away these stubborn, deep-down stains.
  • Extrinsic stains are “on the surface” stains. These develop as a result of eating/drinking dark-colored foods and beverages, smoking or tobacco use, or general erosion of the tooth enamel. You can often remove these stains with regular brushing or using teeth-whitening toothpaste. However, if they are more significant, it will require the help of professional whitening.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Apart from the improved aesthetic you will see when you look in the mirror, this cosmetic dentistry solution will offer:

  • A boost in confidence
  • The chance to achieve lasting results quicker
  • A safer and more effective way to whiten your teeth
  • Personalized treatment that ensures comfortability and quality no matter if you choose in-office or at-home whitening
  • Long-lasting results supported by proper maintenance and care

Teeth Whitening FAQs

How long do teeth stay white after whitening?

After teeth whitening treatment, patients’ teeth may stay white for anywhere from 6 months to a year. Diet can have a strong effect on the lifespan of your whitening treatment.

How long after teeth whitening can I see results?

Patients should begin to see results after a couple of days. Depending on the amount of whitening solution used, patients may be able to see results directly after treatment.

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

Teeth whitening does not damage teeth or tooth enamel. Dentin is the part of your teeth that determines color. It is the only part that will change after a whitening procedure.

What should you not do before teeth whitening?

Before professional teeth whitening treatment, patients should avoid flossing because it can cut or open up their gums causing discomfort during treatment. Patients should eat and brush their teeth before treatment but should be careful not to bite or cut their gums.

Do teeth stain more easily after whitening?

After teeth whitening, your teeth will be more susceptible to staining. Whitening opens up the pores in your teeth, which allows for bacteria and stains to gather easier.

What are the dos and don’ts after teeth whitening?

After tooth whitening, your dentist will recommend that you avoid deeply colored foods and drinks for at least 24 hours. This is to be sure that your teeth do not become stained after the procedure. Patients should avoid foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, hard candies, soda, etc.

What can I expect after teeth whitening?

After teeth whitening, you may expect to feel slight sensitivity and discomfort. Hydrogen peroxide causes this temporary sensitivity, which is an active ingredient in tooth whitening solutions. However, the sensitivity should go away within 24-48 hours post-treatment.

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