General Dentistry in Reston, VA

General dental care is the foundation of our Reston dental practice and the maintenance of your natural smile. A lifetime of good oral health and wellness needs the support of routine dental care services. Services such as dental exams, teeth cleanings, and oral hygiene. At Smiles by Myles, our team understands how difficult it can be to manage the various needs of a big family. That’s why we’d love to save you valuable time by accommodating everyone’s oral health needs at one location.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Wayne Myles has the advanced training and skills needed to address a wide variety of smile concerns. He is highly educated and has lots of experience treating patients in the Reston, VA area. He provides essential checkups and cleanings for cavity prevention and modern restorative solutions for damaged teeth. If you’re ready to get started on a stronger, healthier smile, contact our dental office today.

General Dentist in Reston, Virginia

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

If it has been more than six months since your last dental checkup, we strongly suggest that you pick up the phone and give us a call. Why? Because oral health problems can develop in subtle, sneaky ways that you can easily miss. By scheduling routine appointments, Dr. Myles and our team have the valuable opportunity to review your teeth and gums and pinpoint concerning symptoms in their earliest stages, potentially saving you from a great deal of cost and damage down the road. Professional cleanings will also rid your dental surfaces of decay-causing plaque and tartar and leave your smile feeling nicely polished. To learn more about dental examinations and cleanings, see Dental Checkups & Cleanings.

Fillings and Onlays

These dental restorations are generally placed after the removal of the damaged portions of a tooth and help patients avoid the need for more extensive dental treatments, such as dental bridges and dental implants. By removing the compromised portion of a tooth and strategically placing a natural-looking composite filling or porcelain onlay, Dr. Myles can protect the healthy remaining tooth structure from further damage. Your dentist can place fillings in one day, while they can place onlays over the course of a few visits to our Reston dental office. To learn more about fillings and onlays in our office, see Fillings and Onlays.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

If you have lost one or more teeth due to injury, trauma, or decay, Dr. Myles can masterfully create a long-term solution. Using dental crowns and bridges, Dr. Myles can restore function to your damaged smile. By filling the gap created by missing teeth, he can protect your existing teeth from shifting out of position and preserve your gums and jawbone. Dental bridges and crowns look completely natural and blend in flawlessly with your existing teeth. If properly cared for, your dental restoration will last for many years. To learn more about dental crowns and bridges, see Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges.

Full and Partial Dentures

The general and restorative dentistry practice of Dr. Wayne Myles is the only one in the Northern Virginia area that can offer digitally designed dentures to qualified patients. Using digital imaging, our oral healthcare professionals can custom design your dentures to securely fit in your mouth. Because of this method, if you ever lose or break your dentures, your dentist can make a replacement denture without having to evaluate your gums. To learn more about denture services in our office, see Full & Partial Dentures. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Have you ever bitten into ice cream or taken a drink of hot chocolate and immediately felt dental pain? If so, then you likely have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can stem from a number of things, ranging from a small crack or cavity all the way to an infection deep within the tooth. It can cause serious discomfort on a daily basis if it is not diagnosed and treated. Tooth sensitivity doesn’t always mean that there is something really wrong with your teeth, but it could be a sign of bigger problems to come.

That’s why it’s a good idea to come to see us at Smiles By Myles if you’re experiencing any dental sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. We’ll be able to identify any issue you are having and figure out the best solution to fix it. Depending on the root cause of your problem, we may be able to address it using everything from standard fluoride treatment to something more involved like a dental crown or root canal. In the end, it all depends, but in any case, it’s always best to come to see us when you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity. We’ll help you figure out why and tackle the problem so the next time you enjoy an ice cream cone or a steaming cup of cocoa, you can do so without any pain!

Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, about 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed every year, causing over 9,700 deaths. Oral cancer is a fast-progressing disease that can be successfully treated with early intervention. Dr. Myles is passionate about stopping this disease in its tracks. He provides thorough screenings to each of his patients during their routine checkups and cleanings. It’s completely painless and only takes up a few minutes of your semi-annual appointment, but it could potentially save your life. To learn more about how we screen for oral cancer in our office, see Oral Cancer Screenings.

Fluoride Treatment

Daily brushing and flossing go a long way in preventing cavities, but what if there were a way to provide a little extra protection? Fortunately, there is – with fluoride treatments from your dentist in Reston. At your regular checkups, we can apply varnish of this naturally occurring mineral to your teeth to strengthen them in the fight against decay.

General Dentistry FAQs

How often should I visit a dentist?

Most patients should visit a dentist about every six months for optimal oral health. However, patients that develop tooth decay often or who suffer from periodontal disease may need to schedule more visits than normal.

I am scared of the dentist, what should I do?

Dr. Myles is a caring and compassionate dentist. He often helps patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist or dental anxiety. The first thing you should do is call our office and voice your concerns. Our helpful staff will be able to explain your options including the use of sedation dentistry. We utilize sedation methods to help our patients receive the dental care they need.

What will happen if I avoid the dentist?

You should take your oral health as seriously as your overall health. Skipping your dental visits could potentially cause harm to your body. Similarly, skipping your regular dental appointments mean potentially harming your teeth and gums. If you skip your routine dental check-ups, you are at a higher risk for gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and bone loss.

Why do my teeth cleaning hurt during a cleaning?

A teeth cleaning should be a painless procedure. If you are experiencing pain while a dental hygienist is cleaning your teeth then it is mostly likely due to poor oral hygiene. Neglecting your oral health can results in tender gums that will ache during and after a cleaning. Inflamed, tender, and sore gums is a sign of periodontal disease.