General & Restorative Dentistry in Reston

Dental Restoration Services

Whether a patient is looking to achieve a healthier, stronger, and more beautiful smile by undergoing full mouth reconstruction or by having dental implants installed, Dr. Wayne Myles, a cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry expert in Reston offers a variety of superior treatments that can be customized to meet their unique oral health needs. By restoring aesthetic quality and function to your smile, our team can replenish your confidence and improve your overall health.

Dr. Myles offers two types of general dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments at his Reston office to patients living in Vienna, Oakton, and Northern Virginia: direct and indirect restorations. Direct dental restorations can be installed in a single visit while indirect restorations are crafted and placed over the course of several visits.

Sedation Dentistry

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At our general and restorative dentistry facility in Reston, we offer conscious dental sedation to patients who want to alleviate anxiety, so they can face dental appointments with confidence and no apprehension. Often, patients compromise the health of their smiles because of a dental phobia. Our goal is to make your experience at our dental facility an enjoyable one, which is why our team is dedicated to putting your comfort first. Sedation dentistry allows our team to address your dental needs and keep your smile in phenomenal condition.

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Fillings and Onlays

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Onlays and fillings help to conserve a tooth's structure. These dental restorations are generally placed after the removal of damaged portions of teeth and help patients to avoid the future need for more extensive dental treatments, such as dental bridges and dental implants. By removing the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and strategically placing a natural-looking composite filling or porcelain onlay, Dr. Myles can protect the healthy remaining tooth structure from further damage. Fillings can be placed in one day, while onlays are placed over the course of a few visits to our Reston dental office.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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After conducting a thorough dental examination of a patient's smile Dr. Myles configures an efficient and effective treatment plan using digital imaging that is tailored to his or her specific needs. The detailed imaging allows a patient to see what his or her smile looks like before treatment and what it will look like after the restoration process. If you have been neglecting your smile for years and want to make a step towards improving the overall health of your teeth, our dental team can help you achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful. Anyone who wants to improve the health and appearance of his or her smile is a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

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Dental Implants

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This indirect dental restoration takes several months to complete. Because the placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure, the healing process from the procedure can be lengthy. However, the outcome and benefits of having dental implants greatly outweigh the inconvenience of the recovery process for most patients. Dental Implants are used to secure dental crowns and bridges, ultimately restoring function and beauty to your smile. Dr. Myles uses all-natural materials, free of mercury, to perform all of his dental restorations. With the assistance of an off-site laboratory, our oral specialists can design a smile that perfectly complements your other facial features while restoring ease to your ability to chew, speak, and smile.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges

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If you have lost one or more teeth due to injury, trauma, or decay, Dr. Myles can masterfully create a long-term solution. Using dental crowns and bridges, Dr. Myles can restore function to your damaged smile. By filling the gap created by missing teeth, Dr. Myles and his team can protect your existing teeth from shifting out of position and preserve your gums and jawbone. Dental bridges and crowns look completely natural and blend in flawlessly with your existing teeth. If properly cared for, your dental restoration will last for many years.

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Digital Dentures

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The general and restorative dentistry practice of Dr. Wayne Myles is the only dentistry in the Northern Virginia area to offer digital designed dentures to qualified patients. Using digital imaging, our oral health care professionals can custom design your dentures to securely fit in your mouth. Because this general and restorative dentistry method at our Reston dental office uses digital imaging to produce the dental prosthetics, if your dentures are lost or misplaced, a replacement denture can be made immediately without having to evaluate your gums.

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Periodontal Gum Treatment

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Periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Hardened plaque, called tartar, can harbor within the crevices of your teeth and gums causing irritation, swelling, redness, and gingivitis. Because a person's oral health directly affects his or her overall health, Dr. Myles educates each of his patients on the importance of practicing and maintaining optimal oral hygiene. If your smile has been compromised by harmful bacteria, we offer non-surgical periodontal treatment, such as scaling, to remove tartar below the gum line. Additionally, Dr. Myles performs root planing, which smooths rough surfaces on tooth roots where tartar and bacteria commonly collect.

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Tooth Sensitivity

Have you ever bitten into ice cream or taken a drink of hot chocolate and immediately felt dental pain? If so, then you likely have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can stem from a number of things, ranging from a small crack or cavity all the way to an infection deep within the tooth. It doesn’t always mean that there is something really wrong with your teeth, but it could be the sign of bigger problems to come.

That’s why it’s a good idea to come see us at Smiles By Myles if you’re experiencing any dental sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. We’ll be able to identify any issue you are having and figure out the best solution to fix it. Depending on the root cause of your problem, we may be able to address it using everything from a standard fluoride treatment to something more involved like a dental crown or root canal. In the end, it all depends, but in any case, it’s always best to come see us when you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity. We’ll help you figure out why and tackle the problem so the next time you enjoy an ice cream cone or a steaming cup of cocoa, you can do so without any pain!