Teeth Whitening in Reston

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

woman with perfectly white smile smiling

For effective, convenient teeth whitening in Northern Virginia schedule your Zoom! teeth whitening appointment at Dr. Myles Reston dental office. In about an hour, your smile can be up to eight shades brighter. Chairside bleaching involves applying professional-grade teeth whitening gel to tooth enamel, then repeatedly exposing it to a safe light. The light-activated gel will act fast to erase stains caused by foods, beverages, tobacco, medications, and age. You'll walk in with a drab smile and walk out with a dazzling work of art!

To supplement Zoom! teeth whitening or use independently, our Reston dental professionals will create a set of custom-molded take-home trays and give you professional teeth whitening gel to use at home. If you exclusively use the take-home teeth whitening system, expect results similar to the in-office system after about two weeks of daily use.

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For a comprehensive cosmetic dental examination and cosmetic consultation, contact our dental office in Reston, today. Learn more about Zoom! teeth whitening and other services that we offer to dental patients in Vienna, Oakton, and throughout Northern Virginia by browsing our site. We look forward to enhancing the beauty of your smile!