“If you want the gift of a perfect smile, see Dr. Myles…”

I happened on Dr. M by accident one day that yes, my bonding came off and I had an event in the afternoon. I called the office to ask one if he could fix the bondless tooth and if I could get an appointment that afternoon. The answer to both was yes!

I was off and running. Dr. M and his staff were so friendly and nice and understood my dilemma. He fixed my problem and invited me to come back for a consultant. I told him that my dream was to have a “piano teeth smile”. He listened and I could see his brain trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about.

I quickly explained that I wanted white teeth, all the same length and beautiful. And I wanted to smile that would make people envious. He looked at me and quickly burst out laughing-saying that in all of his years of practice he had never had a smile described in that manner. He thought perhaps I was asking for teeth that played music!

I noticed that when he smiled he had great teeth. I liked the fact that he laughed and did not pretend to know what I was talking about. He was even still laughing when I left the office.

Well I could close this with saying the rest is history-but history is something that happened in the past. My story is current and on going—Dr. M has given me the gift of a smile that may not make people jealous-but most important its now a smile that makes me happy which I probably what I have been searching for all of my life.

If you want the gift of a perfect smile-see Dr. Myles.

To say that my procedure has been life changing may sound dramatic – but its the truth. For years I had suffered not only from terrible headaches and neck pain, but also from being incredibly self conscious of the look, color, and shape of my teeth. The constant headaches and neck pain often left me tired, uncomfortable, and frequently in a bad mood. In addition, I never liked how my teeth looked in photographs and was always jealous of others with perfect smiles. Dr. Myles and his team were able to change all of that. The work done through neuromuscular dentistry has eliminated all of the previous pain I used to suffer from and the veneers have given me an extra sense of confidence and pride in how I look and feel. I now love to show my smile in any picture!

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