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Dr. Myles and the rest of our team take great pride in making our patients happy by how we treat them both in and out of the chair, ensuring that every experience from check-in to checkout is a pleasant one. Of course, these days, you don’t have to just take our word for it! To see what Reston residents just like you think about our office, we invite you to click on the links below and read all of our online reviews.

“Everyone was amazing…”

Everyone was amazing, the ladies were so nice and welcoming. It was beyond my expectations, blew me and my husband away with the professionalism, personal attention and care you provide. I felt very comfortable, and it was nice that others shared their dental stories as well. The work you do is incredible and I’m looking forward to my next appointment, which I have never felt. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Myles team!

“One of the best cleanings I ever had from a dental hygienist…”

Hi, I recently moved to Reston, Va and was doing some research to find out who was the best Dentist in town and now feel blessed that i found Dr Myles! From the moment I walked into this beautiful, well-kept office, I immediately felt at ease, as the team greeted me kindly. Each station I went to, from the plush leather chair in the private waiting room where you can watch some news while briefly filling out just a few forms onto receiving one of the best cleanings I ever had from a dental hygienist! As a business owner myself, I truly respect the discipline it takes to provide great service from all staff members to where the customer leaves feeling like they received the best bang for their buck. I feel so fresh I can’t stop smiling:) This visit has inspired me to stop smoking…I will see you guys in 6 months~ Thanks!

“The most outstanding dentist in the Dental Industry!….”

As you already know you are my “angel that walks upon the ground.” I want to thank you from the depths of my heart, mind, body and soul for giving me the opportunity to meet you, the most outstanding dentist in the Dental Industry! You go above and beyond the call of duty. You have amazing pride, dignity and integrity in your work, and it shines so ever true. You have given me a smile that is endless and will live on for eternity.

Most paramount is that you are the most selfless, kind, generous, big hearted, sweet and loving gentleman. You are a blessing from above! If it wasn’t for you and your staff of such warm and loving ladies I would not be nor feel the happiness and the will to live, as you have giving me today, giving me that second chance in life. You have regained my strength in life and have given me and my little boy a future of endless possibilities, for that I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul… You are simply…Amazing!

Warm regards,

“Dr Myles was very attentive to my concerns and desire…”

I have spent many years feeling embarrassed about the appearance of my teeth. As a result, I would never smile. I always felt people would not be friendly to me, and it took a dear friend of mine to tell me that she overheard a co-worker say that I always seemed angry and unapproachable. I realized then that it was my inability to give a genuine smile that was the problem.

Being in sales and speaking in public, appearance and presentation is critical. I decided to make this change to not only improve my professional image, but to give me the personal confidence I always wanted. Dr Myles was very attentive to my concerns and desires, and was very thorough in explaining my options and the entire process. In addition, his team was caring, and completely attentive to my needs. In a just a few appointments over a couple of weeks, my amazing transformation was completed. It was remarkably painless, and quick. I am absolutely thrilled at the results, and encourage anyone who has ever thought of doing this to “just do it”! You will never look back. Thank you Dr. Myles and team.

“I am thrilled to feel this good…”

I have spent years and years going to doctors trying to help me with my headaches, neck aches, and ringing in my ears. After not ever getting any resolution, I just figured that was something I would have to live with. I did research to discover that the problem could be related to my jaws and bite. It was then that I found Dr Myles. I had a lengthy consultation with him and learned there was hope for me, and the problem was the poor alignment and wear of my teeth.

It was suggested that my bite and alignment of my teeth needed to be changed through a full mouth reconstruction. Dr Myles explained every detail of what the problem was and how it would be addressed. I committed to the entire full mouth reconstruction, and to my surprise, it was quick, painless, and I was completely comfortable at all times. I asked if I could be sedated for the lengthier appointments, and that worked out wonderfully. My anxiety was eased, and Dr Myles used his artistic ability to create a healthy, gorgeous smile.

I never thought I would be pain-free the rest of my life. I am thrilled to feel this good, and of equal importance, I look fabulous! I get complimented all the time, and just want to keep smiling. Dr. Myles, thank you so much for changing my life.

“Not only did he meet my expectations, but exceeded them…”

For many years I have thought about changing my smile, but have put it off for years. There always seemed like it was not the right time in my life: kids in school and college, weddings, etc.. I have always put others first. Now that I am nearly 60 years old, I feel I owed it to myself to treat myself to the smile I always wanted. I always had yellow teeth, with several spaces between them. Smiling was always a painful ordeal.

I researched the internet and discovered Dr Myles. I read his credentials and knew he was qualified to create a masterpiece smile. The consultation was relaxed and there was no pressure for me to pursue treatment. He just explained what can be done, and let me decide. I chose to have veneers on the upper and lower 10 teeth. He assisted me in choosing a natural but dazzling color, and shape. In 2 visits, the change was completed. I have to say that I had very high expectations, and frankly, that was another reason I waited. Well, not only did he meet my expectations, but exceeded them by “Myles”! Thanks Dr Myles for this great gift.

“If you want the gift of a perfect smile, see Dr. Myles…”

I happened on Dr. M by accident one day that yes, my bonding came off and I had an event in the afternoon. I called the office to ask one if he could fix the bondless tooth and if I could get an appointment that afternoon. The answer to both was yes!

I was off and running. Dr. M and his staff were so friendly and nice and understood my dilemma. He fixed my problem and invited me to come back for a consultant. I told him that my dream was to have a “piano teeth smile”. He listened and I could see his brain trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about.

I quickly explained that I wanted white teeth, all the same length and beautiful. And I wanted to smile that would make people envious. He looked at me and quickly burst out laughing-saying that in all of his years of practice he had never had a smile described in that manner. He thought perhaps I was asking for teeth that played music!

I noticed that when he smiled he had great teeth. I liked the fact that he laughed and did not pretend to know what I was talking about. He was even still laughing when I left the office.

Well I could close this with saying the rest is history-but history is something that happened in the past. My story is current and on going—Dr. M has given me the gift of a smile that may not make people jealous-but most important its now a smile that makes me happy which I probably what I have been searching for all of my life.

If you want the gift of a perfect smile-see Dr. Myles.

To say that my procedure has been life changing may sound dramatic – but its the truth. For years I had suffered not only from terrible headaches and neck pain, but also from being incredibly self conscious of the look, color, and shape of my teeth. The constant headaches and neck pain often left me tired, uncomfortable, and frequently in a bad mood. In addition, I never liked how my teeth looked in photographs and was always jealous of others with perfect smiles. Dr. Myles and his team were able to change all of that. The work done through neuromuscular dentistry has eliminated all of the previous pain I used to suffer from and the veneers have given me an extra sense of confidence and pride in how I look and feel. I now love to show my smile in any picture!

“Dr. Myles gave me confidence and my self esteem a boost…”

After many years of neglect, smoking, tea and drinking coffee I decided to give some serious attention to my oral hygiene. Being in the military for many years I had dental work done but I wasn’t satisfied. I also became afraid of needles and some of the pain I experienced was unbearable. Upon retiring and becoming a civilian in the working sector I wasn’t satisfied with my mouth or smile. My choice to seek a professional dentist was the most important decision I could have made. After my consultation with Dr. Myles, all my fears and hesitation was diminished. After being educated on my choices of dental work, a beautiful smile and good oral hygiene, I was more than ready to get started. The assurance and professionalism I received from Dr. Myles gave me confidence and my self esteem a boost. Now when I smile I don’t worry about what my teeth look like. What I hear now is, “you have such beautiful teeth.” Thank you so much Dr. Myles!

Over the years, I had been to numerous dentists who recommended crowns for my front teeth. Chipping and nerve damage from an active sports life had taken their toll. I thought that I had received the best care. Then Dr Myles showed me how much better my appearance could be. I have never been happier with my decision to follow his advice. His professionalism and the caring and skilled staff keep me coming back. The health and appearance of my teeth is one thing that I do not worry about any more.

“People compliment me all the time once they see my smile and white teeth…”

A friend of 30 years recommended me to you for a second opinion. Boy! Am I glad he did since getting both my upper and lower full mouth done from you I have never been happier. People compliment me all the time once they see my smile and white teeth. I only regret I have is waiting until I was 52 years old to have this work done. Knowing what I know now I would have had it done 20 years ago if I had it to do over again. There are lots of Dentist’s out there, however you not only take great pride in your work and stand behind it until the Patient is happy and satisfied. See you soon for my cleaning.

“I now have a great smile with beautiful, healthy teeth and gums…”

Wow, you don’t look 60! You really look great!” is what I wanted to hear, not “Your teeth are so white, who did your veneers?” I have heard the former many times, thanks to Dr. Wayne Myles. I was referred to Dr. Myles by a friend and I couldn’t be happier. I now have a great smile with beautiful, healthy teeth and gums. He was he is so fast and gentle – two visits and I was done! I loved the work Dr. Myles did so much, I sent my husband (a dental phobic) and 1 year later, he has a beautiful smile too. Thank you Dr. Myles.

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