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Reston Six Month Smiles®As dental techniques continue to advance, our patients are able to benefit from faster, more comfortable, and more convenient dental treatments. Orthodontics is one area that continues to evolve to meet the demands of patients who do not have the time to commit to lengthy dental treatments. At Dr. Wayne Myles Reston cosmetic dentistry practice, he offers his patients Six Month Smiles®, the latest advance in orthodontic treatment.

What Is Six Month Smiles®?

In simple terms, Six Month Smiles® is a system that combines proven orthodontic techniques with modern dental technology. Six Month Smiles® uses brackets that are attached to the teeth, just as with traditional metal braces. However, the brackets that are used are clear and the wires are made of tooth-colored nickel titanium. That makes these braces far less noticeable than metal braces. From a comfortable speaking distance, most people won’t notice them at all. In addition, Six Month Smiles® uses less force than metal braces. This makes for a far more comfortable treatment for our patients. You would assume that the lower amount of force would lead to an extended treatment period, but instead, the treatment is about half the length of traditional braces. Treatment can take anywhere from four to nine months, with the average treatment being complete in six months, hence, the name, Six Month Smiles®.


Six Month Smiles® is best suited for adult patients who have teeth that are crooked, those with teeth that are severely crowded together, or those with significant gaps between their teeth. We do not typically recommend Six Month Smiles® for children or developing teens because they may not be able to correct overbites, underbites, or problems with placement of the tooth roots. Dr. Myles can let you know if Six Month Smiles® may be the solution to your dental problems.


Braces continue to be the most widely used treatment for crooked teeth because they offer the most consistent results for patients. Why not utilize those proven methods with the added benefits that Six Month Smiles® has to offer?

If you are one of the fortunate patients who can benefit from Six Month Smiles®, consider the following benefits you have to look forward to:

  • Completed treatment by the time you are ready for your next dental cleaning (an average of six months)
  • A straighter, more attractive smile for less than the average cost of traditional braces, invisible aligners, or veneers
  • No added risk of root damage, as can result from traditional orthodontic treatments
  • Straighter teeth that are easier to care for and reduce the risk of further damage to the teeth or jawbone

There is no faster way to correct crooked teeth than with Six Month Smiles®.

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Dr. Wayne Myles specializes in all areas of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It is his goal to offer his patients in Reston smile makeovers that leave them feeling more confident and secure in the appearance and health of their smiles. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Myles to learn how he can help your smile reach its full potential.

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