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Popular Full Mouth Reconstruction TreatmentsWhen a person suffers from many serious dental health issues, it will require multiple treatments and involved therapy in order to improve and restore overall dental health. Thankfully this can be achieved quite easily through full mouth reconstruction therapy, which combines a number of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments in order to restore overall dental wellness.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is essentially a combination of multiple dental treatments. They are combined in such a way to address major dental problems first down to minor dental health issues. They are a great option for people suffering from tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and other functional oral health problems.

Each Full Mouth Reconstruction is Customized to the Patient

No two patients are alike, and so no two full mouth reconstructions are identical either. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to overall dental wellness, a cosmetic and restorative dentist will tailor the treatment to meet the needs of the patient. Doing so will ensure that each guest at the practice achieves excellent dental health.

Below are some of the most common and popular full mouth reconstruction treatments.

Dental Fillings

A common treatment option for cavities and minor amounts of tooth decay, dental fillings are a staple of many dental care treatments and are relatively routine as far as dental restorations go.

Inlays and Onlays

When dental fillings are not enough to restore the tooth structure that's been damaged by decay or injury, inlays and onlays are the next best option. These dental restorations are similar to dental fillings in a number of ways, though they are larger and able to rebuild larger portions of a tooth.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth has suffered major damage or decay, the best option to save the tooth is to use a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps that fit over the damaged or decayed tooth, providing an aesthetically appealing cap while also restoring bite strength.

Dental Bridges

When patients are missing a tooth or a few teeth, dental bridges are a good option to consider. These sets of artificial teeth fill the gap left behind by a missing tooth. They are held in place by bracing around adjacent existing teeth.


When you are missing many teeth in a row, you may not have the necessary tooth structure remaining to support a dental bridge. In those cases, dentures will prove more ideal. Dentures are held in place by gripping onto a patient's remaining gumline and jaw structure.

Dental Implants

In order to provide the best possible hold of dental bridges and dentures, many patients turn to dental implants. These are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone and gum tissue. When in place, dental implants provide a hold comparable to natural tooth roots.

Periodontal Care and Gum Disease Treatment

The gums are just as important to overall dental health as the teeth. For that reason, gum disease treatment is another common part of full mouth reconstruction therapies. These treatments will seek to get bacterial infection of the gums under control before restoring the gumline itself.

Schedule a Consultation for Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

For more information about full mouth reconstruction treatment and your many other options for achieving advanced dental wellness, we encourage you to contact our Reston cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and discussing these matters in greater detail.

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